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Where Mountain Kissed Sea

Clifden Beach

*Please note that the venue is not accessible for wheelchair nor walking aid users. We apologise for the inconvenience.

What does it mean to be a strong woman?

Where Mountain Kisses Sea is a site-specific installation that examines this question from the intersection of the female body in a rural landscape.

Drawing on the myths of our Celtic ancestors, the legends of the women who came before, and the resilience it takes for life to survive in the raw Connemara landscape, Where Mountain Kisses Sea explores the many facets of female strength. As the fragments of story are woven together, the contradictions, the vulnerability, and the traditionally perceived weaknesses of female strength are laid bare.

Guided by The Woman, the audience is invited to explore a section of Glassilaun beach at the changing of the light. In the sand, glass bottles containing hand written notes are waiting to be discovered. The number of notes that are read and the order that they are discovered is up to each individual audience member.

Age: 14+

2023 Festival Programme