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Highlights 2019 – Theatre, Comedy, and Cinema

By August 21, 2019No Comments
Clifden Arts Festival Banner - Theatre, Comedy, and Cinema
  • PLAY: Joxer Daly Esq. – 24th September – 6:30 pm – Clifden Town Hall
    • Sean O’Casey’s playful scrounger from the classic, Juno and The Paycock, takes centre stage in this intriguing new play from the pen of Eddie Naughton
  • PLAY: BEFORE – 25th September – 7:00 pm – Clifden Town Hall
    • A new play with much music by Pat Kinevane
  • PLAY: The Sphere of Light – Secrets of the Boleyn Women -27th September – 12 pm – Station House Theatre
    • A presentation by Ann Henning Jocelyn and actors of her latest novel/stage play The Sphere of Light, exploring a new angle on the tragic fate of the Boleyn family under King Henry VIII of England.
  • FILM: The Man Who Wanted To Fly – 21st September – 9:00 am – Station House Theatre
    • Bobby Coote is determined to take flight. Even if it’s the last thing he does…
  • FILM: Alcock and Brown: The True Story – 24th September – 9:15 am – Station House Theatre
    • a brand new 90 minute documentary on the lives of Alcock and Brown and their completion of the first non-stop transatlantic flight in history.
  • COMEDY: Fred Cooke ‘ Fred Space’ – 26th September – 10 pm – Station House Theatre
    • Fred Cooke is leaving his dancing shoes behind him after Dancing with the Stars and picking up his guitar to come to Clifden with his new show of musical madness
  • MUSIC TO DIE FOR The Funeral Rites of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – 29th September – 8:30 pm – St Joseph’s Church
    • Following the last year’s outstanding performances of Karl Jenkins “THE ARMED MAN”, Cantairí Chonamara and Galway Tribal Choir, with soloists Katy Kelly, Rory Musgrave, and the ConTempo String Quartet will perform “MUSIC TO DIE FOR
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