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Clifden Arts Festival 2023Visual Arts

Clifden Arts Festival 2023 – Visual Arts Programme – Imelda Healy – Honeyland

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Imelda Healy

Imelda Healy, an NCAD graduate and recipient of the Symantec painting prize at the RHA degree show, showcases her latest exhibition centred around the captivating world of bees. Inspired by a wild beehive discovered during the pandemic, her paintings celebrate the intricate botanical universe of pollinators and their crucial role in fertilizing plants. Through her art, Imelda metaphorically depicts bees mending their tumbled world, underscoring the urgent need to safeguard our environment. Some pieces capture bees diligently collecting nectar from flowers, while others present dreamlike scenarios with playful bees, drawing from art history and mythology. Her exhibition aims to draw attention to the beauty of these tiny creatures while sounding a warning about the threats they face, such as pesticides, habitat destruction, and climate crises. Imelda’s work serves as a powerful reminder of our interdependence with nature and the importance of protecting these essential pollinators for the well-being of our planet.

Official Opening September 14th 6 pm


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