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Clifden Arts Festival 2023Visual Arts

Clifden Arts Festival 2023 – Visual Arts Programme – Connemara Muses – Equilibrium

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Connemara Muses

“Equilibrium” is a multidisciplinary exhibition presented by Connemara Muses, an initiative led by female artists in Connemara. Their goal is to explore the depths of the human condition and life through art, fostering creative collaboration to empower emerging artists and bring positive changes to the community.

The theme of the exhibition centres around the search for inner and outer balance, unity, and equanimity as a remedy for the confusion, egoism, despair, and chaos prevalent in modern society. The process of creating the exhibition itself is an artistic experiment, seeking equilibrium in dichotomy and diversity through trust, letting go of perfection, and finding harmony.

The exhibition will feature the work of 16 artists, including video and photo installations, sculptures, 3D art, installation performances, poetry, paintings, drawings, and photography, all wrapped in a soothing soundscape. The artwork aims to create a space for reflection and discovery, providing a new perspective on the human experience.

Artists involved in the project: Marta Wanczyk (Video and Photo Installation), Anne-Mette Kelter Weinkouff (Polaroid/Alcohol Ink ), Linda Schirmer (Photography), Iryna Chyryk (Photography), Hannah Darrow (Poetry), Caroline King (Sculpture, 3D Art), Susan Lynch (Sculpture), Helen Caird (Collage, Watercolour), Marie Cazeres ( Drawing, Watercolour), Szilvia Toth – T.S Evita Art (Drawing), Gosia Kamienicka (Drawing, Painting), Iwona Adamczak-Stanczyk (Painting), Fiona Rock (Painting), Ilona Wielosik (Painting), Lukas Krzywon (Soundscape)

Official opening September 16th 4 pm


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